Why Essential Oils?

I began a love of Lavender oil about 3 years ago while my daughter was teething. A friend had shown me how she diffused it to help calm her colicky baby and as a new sleep deprived mom I was desperate to try anything!

Flash forward 3 years and I was laying on my bedroom floor in the depths of grief looking for calm in the storm.

I had never realized this until I was having a crying breakdown and felt physically unable to move about a month after we lost Logan. I remember balled up crying on our bedroom floor home alone for one of the first times since our loss and felt totally stressed and inadequate.

I’ve had stress in my life previously, but grief can take it to another level.

If anyone has met me you probably already know I’m crunchy. We used midwives for both of our children, natural childbirth, had doulas, birth photographers and have an abundant love of smelling all things Lavender. Seriously we brought our diffuser to our birth with Logan and everyone who came in was commenting that they wished every hospital room smelled like ours. It was the one somewhat planned thing I could still have in my room after Logan was taken to the funeral home.

I had no idea at the time that there are symbolic meanings to lavender too. It’s known for:

  • Spiritual healing
  • Tranquility
  • Easing tension
  • Purification
  • Promoting calmness

After we came home I put it away for a while. The smell of lavender was now associated with me as his smell. The smell of his room and what I loved when I was pregnant with him. A couple months after our loss a friend dropped off a new diffuser and told me try a new smell. You already know aromatherapy is real, just give another oil a try.

I had no idea there were seriously so many oils I was overwhelmed! I was living in my lavender bubble. She told me to go and do my own research About Essential Oils

I got seriously educated about some scary stuff that was probably in my Amazon lavender I had bought. Actually I’m pretty sure mine was actually a fake considering it had Lavandin, rather than the pure form of the oil. I guess it’s not a big deal except that I now have met someone who put her ‘Lavender’ form a health store on a burn and got a worse burn from the lavender. My friend gave me a mini-tutorial about certification of oils and that they aren’t regulated by the FDA, so it’s super important to find a supplier who has lots of independent reviews and siting from different sources.

Knowing my love of research and excel I of course had to do my homework comparing companies and seriously her company won hands down in my own research. They’ve been around for 20 plus years and have a Seed to Seal Guarantee. Meaning that they stand by the quality of every bottle. I’ve heard testimonies from others who received broken bottles contacting Young Living and they received new bottles shipped free of charge.

Many of the products that are on the market for as beneficial oils are included in Basic Starter Kit I began with.

What I loved was that this was a retail value of $300, but because buying the kit automatically made me a wholesale Member I got a discount and got it for $160! Also there’s no obligation to purchase anything ever again from them. You are a lifetime member who can get 24% off anything you decide to order from them. You don’t have to ‘sell’ oils to be a part of this deal.

The starter kit includes:

  • 5 mL Bottles of the following
    • Lavender (Swiss Army Knife of Oils for everything from diffusing to relaxing, or on skin for irritants to headaches)
    • Peppermint Vitality (for muscle soreness, digestion, fresh breath)
    • Lemon Vitality (Detoxification and cleaning)
    • Frankincense (Diffuse for spiritual connection use on skin for wrinkles)
    • PanAway (Rub on body for pain and inflammation)
    • Thieves Vitality (Immunity booster for colds and flu)
    • Purification (Mold/fungus/infections)
    • Copaiba Vitality (Promotes wellness)
    • R.C. (rub on chest to ease congestion or diffuse)
    • DiGize Vitality (aids in digestion and tastes well with honey or add to water when traveling)

Bonus Oil- Stress Away (my new favorite to diffuse for relaxation and tension)

  • A Diffuser ($96 value)
  • 10 sample packets of Lavender, Peppermint, Thieves for travel or sharing)
  • 2 NingXia Red 2-oz. samples
  • A roller-ball to convert any bottle into a roller
  • 8 small sample bottles for sharing or using on the go

If you are wanting to get started with oils I highly recommend joining as a Wholesale Member. Even if you are a beginner it is by far the best value for items to make your whole family healthy and you aren’t obligated to ever buy any more and you get a discount. If you buy as a Retail Customer you don’t get a discount on your products and you don’t earn Rewards points from your purchases which entitle you to free oils and money which can be used on future purchases.

If you are interested in getting signed up

  1. Click over to the Sign-up page
  2. Select “Sign Up As” Young Living Wholesale Member”
  3. Fill out your name, address and contact info. You now have the option to enroll with or without disclosing your SSN to Young Living. The reason you may chose to is if you make over $600/year selling products you receive a 1099 in the mail for tax purposes and is never shared with anyone else.
  4. Create password and pin to log into your account for future orders or to browse any other oils.
  5. You have the option of choosing which starter kit to begin with. I started with the most basic Raindrop diffuser and has worked great and lasted overnight in my home.
  6. When you become a wholesale member you also become eligible to join the optional Essential Rewards Program. This is not a requirement. It is a rewards program which you can allow you to start earning money back starting at 10% of your purchase and growing up to 20% back in cash you can use towards any future orders. This is optional and can be started or stopped at any time. If the only thing your wanting right now is to try the kit then select “No, thank you. I plan on enrolling in the Essential Rewards Program later.”
  7. Agree to Terms & Conditions

When you join you are part of my Young Living Team. You can get anytime assistance from some oiling experts at any time.

Access to private Facebook group with sharing resources, new products and early information about sales and promotions.

You are never left alone thinking “what do I do with this kit?”

I would love to help answer any questions you have with this blog or along the way.

Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful and stress reducing world of essential oils!